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Let’s join forces to promote life, health, education and peace. That’s is the spirit of Assisi.

2020 Október 27

Dear friends, Many years have passed since 27 October 1986, when religious leaders of the different traditions and faiths gathered on the hill of Assisi for the first time. They had been invited by the Pope St. John Paul II to pray for peace at each other’s...

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Video of Marco Impagliazzo introducing the Event "Peace and Fraternity"

2020 Október 19

Dear friends, Marco Impagliazzo introduces the Meeting of Prayer for Peace in the spirit of Assisi: "No one is saved alone. Peace and Fraternity". "...The words of the Prayer for peace are important words for this time and will have –...

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Fraternity2020: some interesting information

2020 Október 12

Dear friends, first of all thank you for registering to the online event "No one is saved alone, Peace and Fraternity".  October 20th is approaching. We have prepared a small gift for you: an ebook "The Spirit of Assisi",...

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An event of Peace and Fraternity. On October 20, online from Rome to the whole world

2020 Október 7

Rome 2020: No one is saved alone Peace and fraternity "The different religions, based on their respect for each human person as a creature called to be a child of God, contribute significantly to building fraternity and defending justice in society". Dear...

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For an integral ecology, protecting every life and our common home

2020 Június 12

Dear Friend, In our last newsletter we invited you to sign the appeal “There is No Future without the Elderly”, to for a moral uprising to change the direction of selective health care for the elderly, and express our sorrow and grave concern...

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There is no future without the elderly. Sign for the future!

2020 Lehet 22

This appeal comes from a concern of the Community of Sant’Egidio for the future of our societies – emerged over recent days during the coronavirus crisis – it has been translated into different languages and spread today at international...

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Let us celebrate together, even from a distance, the Holy Week and the Easter of Resurrection 2020

2020 Április 6

Dear, A very special Holy Week has began yesterday. For all, web and social media can be the place of encounter and prayer. Sant’Egidio will be meeting virtually all over the world through social networks and the internet. You are welcome...

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This is a difficult moment for all: we need prayer and solidarity more than ever

2020 Április 3

Dear Friend, During this serious emergency the measures taken to curb the infection of Coronavirus are keeping us physically detached. However, prayer and solidarity are two ways through which we want to fight isolation, protecting both ourselves and the...

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What if the New Year was a year of peace? More than a wish, this is our commitment

2019 December 31

Dear használó, we celebrated Christmas by setting up a wide and inclusive nativity scene, preparing a place for Jesus and his poorest and most fragile brothers. Indeed, this is the profound meaning of the Christmas lunches with the poor, held in every part...

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This Christmas, give time to joy

2019 December 13

Dear  használó, December is ‘the month of the seekers’. They look for Christmas presents, decorations, cards and more. Actually, what they are looking for is joy, someone else’s joy which can only warm their hearts.  At Christmas,...

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