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Invito all'incontro “L’attesa della pace, la responsabilità dell’accoglienza”

2022 Lehet 11

Carissima/o sentiamo l’urgenza di ritrovarci nuovamente assieme per fronteggiare le sfide di questo nostro tempo eccezionale. Il folle e sacrilego conflitto in Ucraina ha svelato il volto disumano di ogni guerra, già scritto nella carne...

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Also this year let's add a place at the table at Christmas. And it will be #ChristmasforEveryone

2021 December 6

Dear friends, Sant'Egidio is a family gathered by the Gospel. That is why at Christmas, when families all over the world gather around the table, the Community celebrates with the poor, who are our relatives and our friends. A feast that has withstood the...

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Thanks to those who participated in "Cities for Life": videos and documentation are available

2021 December 2

Dear friends, the webinar "No justice without life" marked a time of large commitment for a world without death penalty: speeches and testimonies from every corner of the world have involved all of us in the movement of the Cities for Life that...

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Last instructions for connecting to "No Justice without Life": help desk active

2021 November 30

Dear participant, we are sending you instructions and useful contacts in case you have problems connecting to the Zoom webinar "No Justice without Life" scheduled for today at 17.30h (Local Time in Rome, Italy). Please connect 15 minutes before...

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A thread of life for those condemned to death. 3 news items to read

2021 November 25

A thread of life for those condemned to death: this is the hope born from an international mobilisation of people writing letters to prisoners; of Cities for Life lighting up their monuments on 30 November; of thousands of signatories to online petitions calling...

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Webinar: No Justice Without Life - For a world without the death penalty

2021 November 17

As part of the World Day "Cities for Life, Cities against the Death Penalty" on November 30, the Community of Sant'Egidio is promoting an international webinar entitled "No Justice without Life" with experts, activists, witnesses and...

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Follow the meeting "The Church Burns. The Future of Christianity" online

2021 Július 7

Dear friends, To follow the event "The Church is Burning. The Future of Christianity" with Sister Yvonne Reungoat and Professor Andrea Riccardi from a distance, you can connect to the live broadcast from the Basilica of Santa Maria in Trastevere...

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Sign to stop the execution of John Hummel. A few clicks for life

2021 Június 16

We address you with an urgent appeal. John Hummel, who has lived on death row in Texas for ten years, is expected to be executed in a few days. After the interruption motivated by the pandemic, while in other American states the death penalty is not applied...

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A global event to start 2021 together: Peace in Every Land

2020 December 30

Dear Friends,   This Christmas of 2020 has been one “on the street”, made up out of visits, the offering of meals and gifts, of friendly presence in other ways, to express, be it at the necessary distance, a closeness of heart to the most...

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Christmas is near! It will bring healing and a new world

2020 December 21

Dear friends, Christmas 2020 is a special Christmas. In truth, every Christmas is special because every Christmas is a unique and new event. Indeed, this year we will experience it in a world, where Jesus is born in a sick world; sick because of the coronavirus,...

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