Names of those who died on the streets were remembered at Santa Maria. An appeal to save and accompany to better living conditions

January 31 2021 - ROME, ITALY

HomelessModesta Valenti

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This morning, in the basilica of Santa Maria in Trastevere, in a participatory celebration promoted by the Community of Sant'Egidio, volunteers and homeless people gathered around the memory of Modesta Valenti, the woman who died 38 years ago at Termini station because, being dirty, the ambulance refused to take her to the hospital. Along with hers, the names of some of the many people who have died on the streets of Rome since then were read out, up to the last 12 recorded since the beginning of winter. In memory of each of them, a candle was lit in front of the icon painted in Modesta's honor. "Making memory of Modesta Valenti and all the people, who are dear to us and who have died in these years, is a revolt against indifference, resignation, distance. The weapon to fight against the isolation of those who live on the street is friendship," said Don Vittorio Ianari, who presided over the celebration. In this winter, marked by the serious effects of the pandemic, a new appeal was also launched to save and accompany those living on the streets to better living conditions.