Food for everyone: Sant'Egidio’s global commitment, a challenge that needs you

September 15 2020

coronavirusFood for everyone

Soup kitchens, meals on the street, food distribution: a gratuitous friendship

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Coronavirus is continuing to spread at global level. Between September 14th and 20th, almost 2 million new cases were reported to WHO. Concern over this trend is rising in countries that have already gone through an initial acute phase of contagion. In others, stricter lockdown and preventive measures are being adopted to curb the pandemic.

Hunger and poverty, exacerbated by Covid-19, affect urban outskirts and rural areas in the most prosperous as well as in the poorest countries threatened by war and violence. Villages, prisons and refugee camps lack food security.

Food for everyone is Sant’Egidio’s answer. At all latitudes, as shown in the photo gallery, soup kitchens and centres distribute free meals and food bags, thanks also to a capillary distribution network and neighbourhood solidarity. Meals on the street bring food to homeless. Food and masks are delivered through humanitarian aids in different locations around the world, where they are most needed. The photos depict a continuous commitment that started in the early days of the emergency and never stopped.
Providing food to the needy is a global effort of the Community of Sant'Egidio, closely linked to the heart of its activities: sharing bread and feeding the world with solidarity, thanks to the voluntary and free engagement of many, to reduce inequalities and achieve peace.

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Food bags at the soup kitchen in Rome

Volunteers preparing meals in Novara

Meals on the street for homeless people in Genova

The centre of the Community of Sant’Egidio in Barcelona during summer

Meals on the street in Warsaw where the Community has updated its "solidarity map" to reach the invisible

Colombia, help for migrants, homeless and families with precarious jobs

Lima, Peru, one of Latin American countries most affected by the pandemic

Haiti, a country devastated by the 2010 earthquake, is striving to respond to the Covid-19 crisis

In the North of Mozambique, hit by terrorism, Sant’Egidio is close to those who have lost their land or had their house burnt down

IDP camps in Nigeria

Hong Kong, meal preparation for evening distribution

Indonesia, for the poor of Jakarta