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Every third Monday of the month in Santa Maria in Trastevere, Sant’Egidio prays for peace and for all the peoples in the world who are suffering because of war. During the prayer the numerous situations of war in the world are remembered and a light of peace will be lit for each one. LISTEN TO THE LIVE  BROADCAST>>

In particular:

1.    Let us pray for peace in the world
2.    For peace in Afghanistan
3.    For the end of the widespread violence in Central America
4.    For the end of terrorism in Burkina Faso
5.    For peace in Western Cameroon
6.    For the support of the peace agreements in Colombia
7.    For peace in the regions of Kivu and Ituri, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
8.    For the end of tensions in the Korean peninsula
9.    For peace in Ethiopia
10.    For peace and the end of all violence in Iraq
11.    For the end of tensions between Armenians and Azerbaijanis
12.    For stability and peaceful coexistence in Lebanon
13.    For peace in Libya
14.    For the end of the conflict in Mali
15.    For Mexico and the end of violence caused by drug trafficking
16.    For Myanmar
17.    For the end of the attacks and violence in Northern Mozambique
18.    For peace and the end of terrorism in Nigeria
19.    For peace in the Central African Republic
20.    For the region of Casamance in Senegal
21.    For peace and the end of all violence in Syria
22.    For peace in Somalia
23.    For the end of all violence and the growth of a path of peace in the United States
24.    For the peace agreements in South Sudan
25.    For the end of war in Ukraine, that arms may be silenced and the path of dialogue found
26.    For peace in Yemen
27.    For peace and the end of all violence in the Holy Land
28.    For the liberation of all those who were kidnapped in every part of the world
29.    For all rulers that they may lead the world on paths of peace and dialogue
30.    Lord bless, protect, and strengthen the service of the Community for peace in every part of the world. We pray to you for all workers of peace 
31.   We pray to you Lord, for peace in the world, for peace in Ukraine and for the protection of the Community. Protect, welcome, accompany, and bless the poorest, the refugees, and the victims of every war. Keep us united to you and your mercy. Amen