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On 15th World Day Against the Death Penalty let us visit the poorest convicts in Africa

2017 Október 10

Death PenaltyPovertyCities for life

Death Penalty and poverty is the main theme of 2017's World Day. The work of Sant'Egidio in African death rows, in the perspective of the World Day of the Cities for Life on November 30th.

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On November 30th join the World Day of the Cities for Life against the death penalty

2016 November 25

Death PenaltyCities for life

How, when and where to join all over the world. The map of the cities, latest news, video. Visit this page for updates and share it! The hashtag is #nodeathpenalty

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A world without the death penalty, a struggle for humanity: The 9th Congress of the Ministers of Justice

2016 Február 22 - RÓMA, OLASZORSZÁG

Death PenaltyMarco ImpagliazzoCities for life

At the International Congress promoted by Sant'Egidio the Ministers from 30 countries discuss oon the open ways for the end of the capital punishment. In the afternoon the meeting with the Italian President of the Republic Mattarella

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