Italian Hotel Owner Opens His Hotel to the Homeless

January 29 2021


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During the coronavirus pandemic, the poverty rate in Italy has reportedly increased 45%. One hotel, with help from a Catholic group, is trying to improve the situation. Making ends meet hasn't been easy for Marco Coppola, the owner of the Yellow Square Hostel.

After nearly a year of having virtually no guests, he eventually had to let employees go, but the hostel kept running because he offered some rooms to his own staff. By keeping the hostel active, it was easier for Coppola to say yes when the Community of Sant'Egidio asked if he could host some homeless people as well.

Alex Moscetta has been a member of the community for over 25 years. When Italy was in lockdown last winter, all Moscetta could think about were those without a home. He started to look for people who could host the homeless, and the Yellow Square Hostel came through. Moscetta says a small contribution goes a long way, it gives the homeless hope to fight for a normal life again.