''Paths of Peace": Educating and including young people to fight terrorism

September 11 2017

Terrorism#peaceispossibleMünster 2017#pathsofpeace

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One of the numerous subjects of the international meeting "Paths of Peace" organised by the Community of Sant'Egidio in Münster is terrorism. Frédéric Van Leeuw, federal prosecutor in Belgium, responsible for the inquiries on the terroristic attacks in Brussels, which were executed by a number of young jihadi, stated: 

"We must understand that these are young people that come from our own houses: a year before they committed the attacs in Belgium, everyone of them had participated in the manifestation against terrorism. Only repression brings us nowhere and marginalisation makes things worse: we need to educate and include the young people." For Tarek Mitri, former Minister of Culture of Lebanon, "it aren't the traditional values that motivate the young to use violence, but the fact that they have lost them and haven't found any instead." "In our countries many have taken advantage of the victimisme of the people - he concluded - without offering alternatives to the fear and insecurity, but cruelty and violence." At the panel spoke the Polish sociologist Aleksandra Kania, a collegue of Zygmunt Bauman. She noticed" "It's mistaken and ineffective to confront terrorism by inflicting, from our side, terror and violence. We need to believe that it is possible to overcome the logic of terror by confronting the root causes and social issues: the frustration of the radicalised youth is born from the discrepancy between what they really have and what they think to deserve."