Europe, Pottering: ''We need an immediate framework for legal immigration"

September 11 2017

#peaceispossibleMünster 2017#pathsofpeace

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"We need to create a framework for legal immigration in Europe", Hans-Gert Pottering, former President of the European Parliament stated in his intervention at the meeting for peace promoted by Sant'Egidio in Münster, Germany. "Immigration is a problem that concerns all countries of the European Union, and therefore migrants and refugees should be equally allocated  to all countries of the Union", he remarked, warning for the dangers of nationalist interests. The former President of the European Parliament recalled how after the second world war, Germany cancelled the first phrase of the German hymn "Deutschland über alles, über alles in der Welt" (Germany above everything, above everything in the world), and he showed his concern about how nationalism reappeared in the old continent, but also in the "America First" of Trump.