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We are so many in Bologna bulding Bridges of Peace. Join us even Online!

15 Oktober 2018

Dear gebruiker, as you already know, we are in Bologna at the Interfaith International Meeting of dialogue and prayer for peace #bridgesofpeace2018. We wish to tell you what is going on and invite you to follow the Meeting also via web. "There is however...

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9 Oktober 2018

Dear gebruiker, We are only a few days away from the great event of peace and dialogue among faith and cultures in the Spirit of Assisi that the Community of Sant’Egidio summons every year in Europe. This year we will be in Bologna, from 14th to...

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Sorry: here is the link for the free ebook in english

13 Juli- 2018

The poor are your treasure. An ebook showing words an images of the meeting with Pope Francis. DOWNLOAD PDF >>      ...

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A gift for you to celebrate our 50th anniversary

13 Juli- 2018

The poor are your treasure. An ebook showing words an images of the meeting with Pope Francis. Pope Francis and Sant'Egidio: a meeting, a people's celebration, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Community.An extraordinary moment this book...

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4 Juni- 2018

Dear gebruiker, today we would like to tell you the story of the most beautiful Italy and of the children who love it Hey "Judd", don’t be afraid
 Judd is five months old. He looks around with the smile of someone really happy and feeling...

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18 April 2018

Dear gebruiker, Over recent days, the threat of war became increasingly stronger and the risk of a conflict has dangerously arisen. We need Peace! In Sant’Egidio we believe that what matters is saving people from war - as the responsible for the Humanitarian...

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An open heart for everyone makes life going forth

16 Maart 2018

Dear gebruiker, Last Sunday we experienced something extraordinary and we would love to share with you. Thousands of people gathered together with the Community of Sant’Egidio. Among them refugees, children, disable persons, elderly, with Andrea...

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We have come a long way. But more can, and must, be done.

We have come a long way to liberate the world from the death penalty. But more can, and must, be done against this highly inhuman and useless measure of injustice. The Sant’Egidio Community is pursuing a global campaign to reach universal moratorium...

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